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What scientists are saying about trendy meal replacement shakes

Meal replacement shakes are becoming a health fad in Iowa. So why are they more popular than ever?

Well, even though meal replacement shakes promote weight loss if taken along with a proper balanced diet, it does not include any muscle building or fat reducing properties. They are foods in a powdered form and supplements en existing balance diet – not completing replacing it.

Even though they are considered healthy, and a quick way to get your nutrients without compromising on health, there’s no way you can compare them or consider them superior to whole foods. Your metabolism is naturally boosted when digesting, and processing whole foods as compared to processing and digesting liquid foods [1].

Meal Replacement Shakes – Making Them Work For You

Whether you are switching to meal replacement shakes to adjust time and effort, or as a method to maintain or lose weight, it is important to learn about how you can achieve maximum benefits from the best meal replacement shakes.

  • Know how many meals you can replace with the shake. Unless you are prescribed by a doctor, do not replace more than two meals with meal replacement shakes. For ideal replacements, it is suggested that you replace one proper meal, and one snack per day with the shakes.
  • The meal replacement shake you are consuming should contain at least 200 calories to offer you a good balance of all the essential nutrients your body requires. In addition to the minimum calories, the shake should have the perfect balance of minerals, vitamins, dietary fiber, carbohydrates and of course, protein. Unless these meal replacement shakes are able to fulfill your daily nutritional requirement, consuming them in place of meals can have an adverse effect on your health and even testosterone levels.
  • Replace meals that you find the most challenging during the day. For instance, if you do not have enough time to prepare yourself a healthy meal or if there’s a risk that you might skip the breakfast completely or indulge in some sugar-loaded food, it is best to replace it with a meal replacement shake. Similarly, if you don’t have a chance to prepare yourself food for lunch while at work, go ahead and swap sit with a meal replacement shake. Whichever meal seems troublesome, you can switch it with a healthy replacement shake. However, do not replace all or more than two meals per day unless otherwise prior permission has been taken.
  • Do not ignore your calorie intake if you are regularly taking meal replacement shakes. This further indicates that meal replacement shakes should only be taken when convenient. Just because you are allowed to swap two meals during the day does not necessarily mean you must. Keep it for days when it is either no food or fast food. The whole point of switching to a meal replacement shake is to ensure you keep a track of your overall calorie intake, and keep the rest of your diet balanced for maximum benefits.

While meal replacement shakes are considered a healthy option, it is always highly recommended that you grab yourself a fresh fruit or some vegetables whenever you can. These natural foods offer valuable fibers and nutrients that cannot be achieved relying on the man-made foods completely.

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